In accordance with the decree of “Implementating the amendments of the provision regarding the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law” published in the Official Gazette of September 19,2018 under the number 30540:

- The value of the acquired property must be at least 250,000 USD (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand USD).
- The real estate valuation report must be prepared by valuation firms, holder SPK (Capital Markets Board) and BDDK (Banking Regulation And Supervision Agency) licenses.
- A real estate valuation report prepared in accordance with the law should be submitted to the
Directorates of Land Registry.
- For this purpose, the real estates to be owned shall be annotated to the land registry records in order to not sell them for at least 3 years.
You should issue a real estate valuation report to the valuation firms that have a SPK License. Pursuant to the regulation, the reports to be submitted to the directorate of land registries must be made by licensed valuation firms authorized by the SPK. Reports of real persons or companies of real persons, holder of individual valuation licenses, are not accepted. In order to avoid any loss, it will be appropriate to check whether the firm to be reported is licensed or not from the list of licensed real estate valuation firms on the SPK website.
If you are a foreign national and you intend to obtain Turkish citizenship, you can apply to Visal CONSULTANCY for real estate valuation reports showing the value of your real estate meets minimum qualifications for at least 250.000 USD (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand USD).


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